"You, me, handcuffs, and a big canoe."

On the morning of his wedding, Eli Parker finds himself naked, in the middle of a cotton field and handcuffed to his equally naked best man, who chooses this particular moment to come out to him. And that's just the beginning!

Having played notorious wedding day pranks on all of his college buddies, it appears Eli is finally getting a taste of his own medicine. A note from the groomsmen tells Eli and best man Ronnie that their clothes and the key to the handcuffs are on the opposite side of the farm, and they've only got a few hours until the wedding. As the two race to make it across the farm in time, Ronnie, who's been trying to come out to his best friend, chooses this less than opportune moment to break the news to Eli that he's gay.

The groomsmen, meanwhile, seem to be having the last laugh. But when some escaped convicts and a hunting accident are reported on the farm, the groomsmen think their joke has gone horribly awry. They struggle to find out what's going on, while holding a bewildered bride and an angry family at bay.

Set on a farm in northern Mississippi, "Eli Parker is Getting Married?" is a Southern screwball comedy where a young man's attempt to come out meets a world of college pranks, mistaken identities and wedding day hijinks. R.S.V.P. to reserve your seat and find out what happens!

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