"Eli Parker is Getting Married?" was shot on digital video in Desoto County, Mississippi and Memphis, Tennessee. It was filmed over 23 days in November 2000. One scene was re-shot over nine months later; an improvised hunting cap was used to cover the head of actor who had grown his hair out in the meantime. Most of the cast hails from the Memphis mid-south region.

This is the first feature length screenplay written by Mark Jones, who is currently at work on two other scripts. This is also the first feature movie directorial effort by Ryan Parker.

"Eli Parker is Getting Married?" features these songs:

SATURDAY and STUPID IN LOVE written and performed by David LaMotte

TRAVELIN TUNE, RAGTOP HIGHWAY, AS I WALK ON, WHAT THEY'RE GOING TO SAY, THIS HEART and DAMN MORNING lyrics and music by the Emma Gibbs Band, performed by the Emma Gibbs Band

The original score was composed and performed by the Delicious Blues Stew.

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